Download MP3: Selena Gomez – Only You

Download MP3: Selena Gomez – Only You
Download MP3: Selena Gomez – Only You

Beautiful singer Selena Gomez drops the hit single Only You off her forthcoming solo album. The song is set to drop officially this Friday.

Anticipate it or pre-order song here.

he teary track is “inspired by Hannah and Clay’s story,” Gomez tweeted, which makes sense, since the drama is about a girl who leaves cassettes for her classmates before she commits suicide.It was a synthy, demure ’80s track that since went on to be covered by Kylie Minogue and Enrique Iglesias. Gomez’s cover, as heard in the 30-second snippet, is downtempo and near heartbreaking, with her silky vocals almost crying with longing. “All I needed was the love you

Download Selena Gomez – Only You (MP3)

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