How To Pick A Good Artiste Name.

David Onyeledo

There are music acts whose names are as famous as the stars themselves are: Wizkid, Davido, and many others. These users managed to pick the sort of name that sticks in listeners’ heads.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of picking a good Artist’s name.

Pick something that’s easy to remember.
Choose a name that grows with You. Pick a brand name that is easy to find as it is to remember. Make sure that your stage name helps viewers remember who you are.

DON’T pick a name that’s long or complicated.
When choosing an artist name, try to pick one that is unique so that you dont have to over stress when it comes to picking a social media account name especially the reality of an available username. Instead of choosing the recommended “Username,” i advise you should come up with a new, unique name. Make it short and simple. Try not to include strings of numbers or words that are hard to spell in your username.

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DON’T choose a name that has nothing to do with your music.
The main purpose of having a unique artist name is to make your fans find you easily. Keep it to the point.

Be creative.
Choose an artist name that highlights what makes you and your music different from the rest. Be creative when picking a name. These days, artists use their biological names. This makes it easy for them to be quickly found by friends and families. These are usually your first fans. Yemi Alade used this approach.

DON’T go overboard.
Creativity does not mean you should overdo it  Keeping a name short and to the point should be the top priority.
Choosing a good artist name is important for making your brand memorable. By choosing something that’s short and catchy, you will assure that viewers and potential fans to remember your name long after the song or video ends.

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