Video: Mackenzie Sol (@MackenzieSol) – “My Name”

mackenzie-sol-685c2b0c-21db-4b2e-a217-dc22586d174115 year-old pop sensation, Mackenzie Sol (@MackenzieSol), introduced his talents to the world a few months ago dropping single & Video, “Never Letting You Go.” Which recently hit over 130K views,
Now he is at it again! Check out his new release “My Name”. The video features Dance Mom’s Kalani Hilliker and choreography by Abby Lee’s team. He has definitely received Abby Lee’s stamp of approval as she says

“Mackenzie is a super-kid, he has an amazing voice,”

and encourages her fan base of over 2 million to follow.

Mackenzie, who hails from a small town in Northern England, has been making music, acting and dancing from a young age and first peaked the interest of music fans and executives in the U.S. when he appeared on X-Factor at the age of 5. He debuted his talents is the U.S. Last year singing in front of Hollywood’s elite, including music mogul Clive Davis, and performing alongside Josh Groban, Babyface and Jennifer Hudson.

Probably the most important thing to know about me is that I want to be a superstar…. that’s been my dream for as long as I can remember

,” says the up and coming “superstar,” who is currently spending six months out of the year Stateside in order to launch his international musical career.

Peep The Video Below

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