Criss Waddle is still part of R2Bees – PaeDae & Mugeez

Ever since Criss Waddle had his emotional meltdown on social media over how his Refuse To Be Broke members were treating him, things haven’t been the same again.

The rapper is now split between the R2Bees Nation and his AMG Business label.

Waddle is currently in a limbo because he retweeted a tweet to endorse a user’s stand on the whole issue; please change your cover pic #AMGBusiness #ForgettiObia… we AMG not R2Bees … PERIOD !!!

But Mugeez and Paedae in a latest interview with Abeiku Santana has revealed Waddle is still part of the team.

Paedae said; “Yes, Criss Waddle is from R2Bees, He is in Tema. Criss Waddle is still part of our group. He is still part of us.”

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