NBA YoungBoy & Nicki Minaj – I Admit (download)

NBA YoungBoy & Nicki Minaj - I Admit (download)

NBA YoungBoy & Nicki Minaj - I Admit (download)

Here is NBA YoungBoy & Nicki Minaj – I Admit (download). The new track is the latest record from the rap music acts. The song was is produced by Yung Lan and off his new mixtape called Ma’ I Got A Family.

VERSE 1 (YoungBoy Never Broke Again):

To me, that’s just solid
You want my heart and you got it (Oh, na, na)
It never gon’ matter will they trust me
Wish you standin’ on side of me
She know I’m gang-bangin’ violent
And know I got plеnty bodies
Run to the stage, YoungBoy in thе buildin’
Got the backend, tryna turn up this shit
Hit a walk straight, I ain’t got no limp
Stand ten, it don’t matter how hard it get
I’ma buy both, ain’t no hardest pick
Tryin’ hard for to slump, I’m gon’ need no attempt
Steady keepin’ my head, I’m on top of the rim
I been breathin’ and dyin’, she want me to live, yeah
She know I put this money aside and put it on (Woah-oh)
I would hate to see you run, I want you here with me now
And that was for the go

VERSE 2 (Nicki Minaj):

I know you slime, I know you ain’t lackin’, you violent
Them niggas ran down on yo’ homie, now, you slidin’
If I don’t pick up when you call, you gon’ be wildin’
But, I just pray you make it home
Ayy, yo, and we still on that get-back
Poppin’ chains, don’t give shit back
Backshots get that grip back
Go down with yo’ lick back
Real niggas don’t play with a bad bitch, ain’t finna risk that
Soon as I give into him, he finna get my name on his next tat’

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