Nicki Minaj – For All The Barbz (download)

Nicki Minaj - For All The Barbz (download)

Nicki Minaj - For All The Barbz (download)

Here is Nicki Minaj – For All The Barbz (download). The song released with streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the hip-hop music act.

The rapper drops a new freestyle over Drake and Chief Keef’s song “All The Parties.”

Ayo, pushin’ your pen or you pushin’ your luck?
Tummy on tuck and my titties reduct
Oh, look, you guys, I’m back to a D cup
Oh, look, now bitches is tryna meet up
VMA’s was a family reunion
First time in a while I seen all of my sons
Keep it a hundred, keep it in a trust
If I lose ninety-nine, I still keep it a buck
I don’t hear you hoes
I make the movies, I give you bitches cameos, uh (Ooh-ah)
H-h-here we go, he tryna make honey nut like Cheerios, uh (Ah, ah)
And it’s no debate
Pink Friday 2, Heavy On It, overweight
Bitches ain’t eatin’, worried about who overweight
I’m who they call to sell tickets, make no mistake
These bitches don’t want beef, chef, hold the steak
These bitches don’t want smoke, say “no” to vape
I get these bitches scramblin’ when I throw the bait
One sub kill five bitches, OceanGate, mmm
Like three hunnids blue

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