YG – Scared Money ft. J. Cole & Moneybagg Yo (download)

YG – Scared Money ft. J. Cole & Moneybagg Yo (download)

YG – Scared Money ft. J. Cole & Moneybagg Yo (download)

Here is YG – Scared Money ft. J. Cole & Moneybagg Yo (download). The song released with streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

Why you bring that money to the club if you ain’t throwing it?
How you naked on the ‘Gram but in person you ain’t showing shit?
Why you go against the gang, you can’t beat ’em, nigga join it
Ain’t tap in when you got to Cali, got yo’ ass extorted
Brand new coupe, I floor it, brand new bitch, gotta whore it
Brand new Glock, I adore it, have a nigga running like Forrest
V.I.P., I’m very important, in the hood I ain’t never no tourist
Got the drop on a opp we Dora explore it, ay
YG from the streets, YG well legit (ay)
YG lit, YG start a business with yo’ bitch (ay)
Fifty bitches flew to Cabo, YG a trip (ay)
YG think he Kanye West, he got his own kicks
Whoa, fresh out a pandemic but I ain’t rusty
Whoa, have a baby by me, bitch, come be lucky
Whoa, bitch, I’ma throw it all, all the strippers love me
Whoa, walk in best dressed but I ain’t no Kid Cudi
Girl, did he just say what I think he just said?
Bitch, yes

Talkin’ like you lit, yo’ bitch better not be ugly
Pull up with a ten, her waste slim, ass chubby
Half a mili’ on my neck, who gon’ take it from me?
Pussy, we ballin’ on you fuckin’ dummies

Scared money don’t make no money (whoa)
Scared money don’t make no money (whoa)
Scared money don’t make no money (whoa)
Pussy, we ballin’ on you fuckin’ dummies (uh-oh)

I’m so lit Sports Center gotta post my clips
One lay-up and they treat me like I’m Luka Luka Dončić
2-6, nigga, and we use to conflict
Turn these brand new YG sneakers into Louboutin kicks
Red bottoms ’cause the blood bled out him (aw damn)
If I miss him four hundred, red dot him (aw damn)
I was thinking ’bout walkin’ up a stack of crates (hmm)
But I was busy stackin’ cake
Cole fuckin’ world say the whole name
Cole think he Drizzy Drake, he got his own plane
Flew it all around the world and now I’m back, bitch
Three cribs in the same neighborhood, I’m that rich
These niggas pray to God to make it on the Shade Room
Meanwhile I made it on the “Bitch, I’m hella paid room”
Road blocks when Cole drops, they push back they rollouts
That’s right, pussy, make room, stay tuned, nigga

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