Namasenda – Unlimited Ammo album (download)

Namasenda – Unlimited Ammo album (download)

Namasenda – Unlimited Ammo album (download)

Here is Namasenda – Unlimited Ammo album (download). The new LP is the latest music effort by the pop music act.

Debuting on our music platform for the very first time, Namasenda instantly filled our hearts with her voice. It is infectious with every listen. On her latest body of work, the singer explores sounds and employs her vocals in creating a soundtrack for any action movie.

1. Black Ops 2 (02:02)
2. Demonic (feat. La Zowi) (02:07)
3. Banana Clip (feat. Mowalola) (02:55)
4. Vvolvo (01:35)
5. ☆ (feat. Oklou) (03:04)
6. Steel (feat. Hannah Diamond) (03:27)
7. Unlimited Ammo (02:01)
8. Finish Him (feat. Joey LaBeija) (03:20)
9. No Regrets (03:28)
10. On My Mind (03:46)
11. Snow (02:23)
12. Clouds (03:37)
13. Shots Fired (04:25)

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