BROODS – Piece Of My Mind (download)

BROODS – Piece Of My Mind (download)

BROODS – Piece Of My Mind (download)

Here is BROODS – Piece Of My Mind (download). The song released with streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the pop music act.

The single is from the duo’s fourth album Space Island, is a classic BROODS anti-anthem, a reckoning with grief and denial lit up in spectacular neons.

Georgia says of the new single, “‘Piece Of My Mind’ is the opening fanfare of Space Island. The song describes the many paradoxes we encounter when we try to escape our problems – the more we try to run away from our problems and ourselves, the more we are confronted with the aspects of each that we don’t like. ‘Piece Of My Mind’ is the moment I start reasoning with myself at the crossroads – to figure out where I am, and what’s really at the heart of what I’m denying and trying to escape.”

With the production, we wanted to make it sound like you were on this kind of jet pack trip where everything is shifting, where you’re escaping to this unknown world called Space Island,” says Georgia.

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‘Piece Of My Mind’ arrives alongside a gorgeous, B-movie-inspired video, shot on 35mm and 16mm film in the South Island of New Zealand. Evoking the arid mysteries of Space Island as well as sci-fi horror classics, the video is an endlessly fascinating fantasy that serves as a testament to BROODS’ strength of vision. “We really just got to have fun and play,” says Caleb.

I’ve been here for seven months
Or maybe it’s just been a week
Nothing here to tell the time
Nothing here to see but me
And every time I break the glass
Bad luck follows me ’round the place
I know I should face myself
But I don’t really like my face
(Know I should learn to get along but)

I get high away, fly away
Tryna get away from my life (Tryna get away from my)
I get high away, fly away
Tryna get away from my mind (Tryna get away from my mind)
I get high away, fly away
Tryna get used to my life (Tryna get used to my)
I get high away, fly away
Tryna get a piece of my mind (Tryna get a piece of my mind)

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Maybe I went out too far
Or maybe I’m not far enough
I don’t think I have a choice
So, what’s the point in being tough?
I lay back into the grass
Just waiting for the sun to burst
That shit’s gonna fuck me up
If I don’t fuck myself up first
(No way there’s nothing going wrong so)

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