21 Savage & Rich Brian – Lazy Susan F. Warren Hue (download)

21 Savage & Rich Brian – Lazy Susan F. Warren Hue & 马思唯 (download)

21 Savage & Rich Brian – Lazy Susan F. Warren Hue & 马思唯 (download)

Here is 21 Savage & Rich Brian – Lazy Susan (download) F. Warren Hue. The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

This is the second collaboration between Savage and Brian. The song was first teased in the trailer for the upcoming Marvel film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Titled ‘Lazy Susan’, named after the rotating countertop plate found at Chinese restaurants, the track is an upbeat hip-hop cut that sees the four rappers trading verses.

Marvel will unveil the film in their cinematic universe soon.


Rich Brian

Man, I been steerin’ clear of simpin’
And I’m rappin’ with no cussin’ ’cause the bag is thick
I got a whip and I ain’t even touch it yet
I’m only rockin’ with myself, my momma said it’s for the best
I went through 2020, I could go through anything, I bet
Missin’ shows and I miss my folks
I don’t really miss the ones that never like to see me grow
Yeah, my life be like the movies that you see on Vimeo
Hit the pause a couple times but now I’m really back on go
I got a story, it’s ’bout a warrior, he fight the wars in the booth
Look in the mirror, it’s never too clear that he walkin’ ’round in his shoes
It’s never too easy to carry the weight, it’s easy for you to assume
He makin’ dreams and he make ’em true, he don’t got no time for excuse
‘Cause I got emotions I’ve been lettin’ go that I can’t bottle up (Ay ay)
I’m just wild, so really, I’m myself when I be wildin’ out (Ay ay)

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21 Savage
Woah, woah, woah, woah
Yeah, straight up, straight up
Yeah, big dawg and I run my side (21, 21)
I got all my brothers dead or alive (On God)
You know I ain’t friendly, I ain’t givin’ no high fives (You know)
And my bankroll long, it’s like stocks how it rise (Straight up)
Boss man, ’bout my business, what I be (21)
I won’t get no sleep until I touch a beat (On God)
Had to throw away my feelings, I was in the street (Straight up)
Trials and tribulations, inspiration for these beats (Facts)
I go cuckoo for the dough, though
Jason mask, that’s my logo
He be whinin’, that’s my bro though
Pass it off, Tony Romo
Real gangsta, I be solo
I was poppin’ for the promo
We don’t talk, yeah that’s the bro code
Gentleman, I don’t do low blows (21, 21)
Tell them folks to cut my check
Every verse I’m on, they keep my best (Straight up)
Actin’ like a stalker, she obsessed (On God)
Eight-figure deals on my desk (Facts)

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