PRETTYMUCH – Trust (download)

PRETTYMUCH – Trust (download)

PRETTYMUCH – Trust (download)

Here is PRETTYMUCH – Trust (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the pop music group.

PrettyMuch are an American-Canadian pop and R&B boy band based in Los Angeles, California. Formed by Simon Cowell in 2016, the band consists of Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, and Zion Kuwonu.

Go ahead with your best self
‘Cause you’re all dressed up with your girls downtown tonight
It’s alright (What’s up?)
And you’re too drunk, but you can’t tеll
‘Cause you look so good when you’re having onе hell of a time
I don’t mind (No, no)

Even if you’re coming home at three
You’re coming home to me
Miss me with that jealousy
‘Cause I ain’t with that shit, babe

Trust (Ooh yeah)
I ain’t trippin’ when you do too much (Ooh yeah)
‘Cause I know they gon’ look but they can’t touch
And nothing but these sheets come between us
‘Cause I know I’m the only one

Go ahead, go ahead, girl
Go ahead, go ahead (Trust)
Go ahead, go ahead (Go ahead, girl)
‘Cause I know I’m the only one
Go ahead, go ahead, girl
Go ahead, go ahead (Trust)
Go ahead, go ahead, yeah

Go crazy (Go crazy)
I know a lot of other guys are gonna buy you a drink
That don’t phase me (Nah-nah)
I’m proud of you, baby (Ayy)
Mm, go stupid! (Go stupid)
I know you wanna post that picture
Baby, you don’t need permission to do it
You know you’re doing it right

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