DaBaby – Ball If I Want To (download)

DaBaby – Ball If I Want To (download)

DaBaby – Ball If I Want To (download)

Here is DaBaby – Ball If I Want To (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music act.

This track was first previewed in a promotional video for DaBaby’s May 28 and 29 performances at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.


Legs on the side of your head, I’m fuckin’, let’s give ’em a chair
When she throw that ass back, I say “Yeah”
I fuck her around, get on a PJ tomorrow, put that bitch up in the air
Fly that bitch out, fly from LA to Charlotte
To pick up my barber to come cut my hair
‘Cause I’m havin’ it, nigga
Look, me and my lil’ bitch be joined, see
Get to be silent, lil’ nigga
Hop out that bitch with that ratchеt (Let’s go)
Stuntin’ like my moterfuckin’ daddy (Yеah)
Your momma, your baby a savage
Uncle Ray hitting, start pipin’ my mattress
Lil’ nigga play with me, fuck it, I slapped him
Thought I was laughin’, he see I wasn’t laughin’ (Hahaha)

Bitch, it ain’t even my birthday but I can ball if I want to (Ball)
Pull up, foreign cars if I want to
Hop out that bitch with that iron in my jumpsuit (Go)
Just do what I say and I love you (Okay?)
I get this shit from my uncle
I told bae get twenty-two inches of weave
Tonight, I wanna fuck a Rapunzel (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Ain’t fuckin’ her right, you ain’t pullin’ her hair

[Verse 2]
I’m pullin’ a grip, locked up her arms like she getting arrested
Throw on the run, like she getting evicted
Fuck me in the back, the pussy a prison
Put one leg right here, put the other one right there
Sexy lil’ flexy, but bitch you a present
Tryna keep up with shit, but it’s level
In diamonds and Dior, I’m in love with this sweater
It’s fire on the front of my waistline
First nigga try me, it’s playtime
Play ’round, you lay down, dawg and he hot like [?]
Me and her get on the floor, and we felt like some K9s
Pop-out lil’ nigga, gon’ have to put you on top of the list
Ain’t no opps in the nigga, they scared to let me in the room

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