Anderson East – Drugs (download)

Anderson East – Drugs (download)

Anderson East – Drugs (download)

Here is Anderson East – Drugs (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music act.

The new single is taken off his upcoming “Maybe We Never Die.” Speaking about the prohject, Anderson who lands on our pages for the first time had this to say:

“I wanted to create something unique with this record,” Anderson East explained. “A piece of music, that as a whole, knew where its footing was but yet still attempted to see what was behind the curtains. I’m very proud of what it took to make and its ultimate outcome. I am very grateful to the wonderfully talented humans that lent their gifts to make it what it is.”

Speaking about the single..

I feel like that song, that was the hardest one to get right, because it’s definitely not a glorification of drugs. If anything, it’s a hardened look at yourself inward. Me and my buddy and co-writer Aaron Raitiere were in LA, and we’re cruising around, and you’re just like, what is going on here? Where are all these people going? It’s like everybody’s on drugs in this place…You just start calling a spade a spade about what drugs mean: Well, I’ve had coffee this morning. Some people go to the gym. Some people are going to church. Some people are on Twitter. I wouldn’t call it a protest song, but it’s just like a, ‘Is anybody else seeing what I’m seeing right now?’ It’s our inability to just interface with reality.


You know that nothin good will come
From over thinking
All your problems when
The mirror is the one that never lies

It all gets so dramatic
Symphonies all turn to static
Honestly who really
Has the time?

Is it me
Just me
Or is

Everybody’s on drugs
Everybody’s on drugs
Cause’ the world behind our eyes
Is better in disguise
So we try to keep the feelings numb
Everybody’s on drugs
Everybody’s on drugs

Now the higher ground is calling
No one listening, just talking
Treading water when this could be paradise

Burning both ends of the candle
Only so much one can handle
Any friend of yours
They’re a friend of mine

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