The Jacksons – Victory ‘Expanded Version Album (download)

The Jacksons – Victory 'Expanded Version Album (download)

The Jacksons – Victory 'Expanded Version Album (download)

Here is The Jacksons – Victory ‘Expanded Version album (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the pop music band from the 80’s.

Victory is the fifteenth studio album by the Jacksons. It was released by Epic Records on July 2, 1984. The album was the only album to include all six Jackson brothers together as an official group; also, it was the band’s last album to be entirely recorded with lead singer Michael Jackson, as well as their first album to feature Jermaine Jackson since 1975’s Moving Violation.

Victory was supported by the Victory Tour, with Michael, who had recently released the world’s all-time best-selling album, Thriller, prominently featured. However, none of the album’s songs were performed on the tour.

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Shortly after the Victory Tour ended, Michael and Marlon Jackson quit the group to pursue solo careers. Jermaine, Tito, Randy and Jackie Jackson continued on as the Jacksons, and releasing one more album, 1989’s 2300 Jackson Street (whose title track did feature all six Jackson brothers, along with their sisters Janet and Rebbie) before splitting up.

1. Torture (4:54)
2. Wait (5:26)
3. One More Chance (5:06)
4. Be Not Always (5:33)
5. State of Shock (4:31)
6. We Can Change the World (4:45)
7. The Hurt (5:27)
8. Body (5:07)
9. State of Shock (7″ Version) (4:06)
10. State of Shock (12″ Version – Dance Mix) (5:40)
11. State of Shock (12″ Version – Instrumental) (4:39)
12. Torture (7″ Version) (4:30)
13. Torture (12″ Version – Dance Mix) (6:14)
14. Torture (12″ Version – Instrumental) (5:06)
15. Body (7″ Version) (4:22)
16. Body (12″ Extended Version) (5:48)
17. Body (7″ Version – Instrumental) (4:15)
18. Body (12″ Version – Instrumental Extended) (6:45)
19. Wait (7″ Version) (4:20)

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