Keaton Henson – Husk (download)

Keaton Henson - Husk (download)

Keaton Henson - Husk (download)

Here is Keaton Henson – Husk (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the alternative music act’s forthcoming album, ‘Monument.’

The single follows “Prayer”, “Ontario” and “Career Day”, and according to Henson, a song “about waking up and realising that you’ve aged.”

He continues, “That time, the traitor, has taken from you your best years, the ones where your bones didn’t ache and you could make it through the day without questioning existence.”

Monument will follow on from Henson’s 2019 classical LP Six Lethargies and 2016’s Kindly Now. The album was recorded with help from Radiohead’s Philip Selway on drums and percussion, Leo Abrahams on guitar, saxophones from composer Charlotte Harding and a full string section.

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Henson says of the upcoming album, “I suppose it is, at its heart, much like my first record; a collection of things I wanted to say, just so they’re out of my system, and not necessarily for anyone else to hear. I made it at home, mostly alone, to the sound of birds and rainstorms, at strange hours of day and night. But, once the bones were recorded, I was somewhat unexpectedly joined by an amazing group of people, who came to musically lift me on their shoulders, and take these unsaid feelings to another plain in terms of sound.”

It seems like yesterday
You took my breath away
How could the world still turn?
We’re not what we thought we were

Must you be leavin’ so soon, so soon, so soon, oh?
I was just fallin’ for you, for you, for you
I’m sorry I’m late, I was ablaze
I was just starting on hopin’ you’d stay
Must you be leavin’ so soon, soon?

The death of a century
Has sunken its teeth in me
How the hands of the clock
Are beating to death
Our memory

I’m older than the man
I was when I began
What use is breathing in
If I’m nothing more than skin?

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