Stacey Slater Back On Square This September

Stacey Slater Will Be Back On The Square This September

Stacey Slater Will Be Back On The Square This September.

Speaking on Thursday’s episode of Secret’s From The Square Turner told host Stacey Dooley that Stacey Slater is not one bit happy that her husband is romantically involved with her best friend.

EastEnders actress Lacey Turner confirmed that Stacey Slater will be making her return to Albert Square later this month and promises that viewers will see “the old Stacey kicking off”.

She said: “Well I think Martin and Ruby are together and Stacey is not happy at all.

“I think you might see a bit of the old Stacey kicking off!”

Turner also revealed that she was devastated when she didn’t get the original role she auditioned for on EastEnders, but soon wiped her tears away when she heard that they were creating a character especially for her.

Turner explained: “I went for my audition for the Miller family, and you had Tony Jordan in there, Julia Crampsie… so I got down to the last two.

“It was actually me and my cousin in real life who got down to the last two. They rang me and said, ‘You haven’t got it’ and I actually cried in bed. I went to bed that night crying.”

Turner continued: “Tony Jordan said she’s not a Miller she’s a Slater so Julia rang me the next day and said, ‘They wanna create a part for you, do you wanna be a Slater?’.

“That was the best news ever.”

EastEnders returns on Monday September 7 on RTÉ One and BBC One

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