Anna Straker & Gabrielle Aplin – Good Days Bad Days (download)

Anna Straker & Gabrielle Aplin – Good Days Bad Days (download)

Anna Straker & Gabrielle Aplin – Good Days Bad Days (download)

Here is Anna Straker & Gabrielle Aplin – Good Days Bad Days (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

It’s a song of hope and sadness, reflection and renewal; of dwelling in the deep end of our emotions while knowing there’s more to life than this. Together, British artists Anna Straker and Gabrielle Aplin weave a spellbinding affirmation of self-love and healing in “Good Days Bad Days,” a stunningly intimate electro-pop outpouring.

Speaking about the single, Starker had this to say:

“I wrote ‘Good Days Bad Days’ during the recovery from my sexual assault,” Straker tells Atwood Magazine. “It is a kind of positive affirmation to help centre and ground yourself on days when your mental health gets the better of you. I want to remind people of their best moments to help them through their worst ones.”

“I actually recorded the vocal for this on the day I was fired from my job! I want this EP to really showcase the issues surrounding mental health with honesty and sincerity, as I know so many people that suffer. I hope it helps to know that we all experience these ‘growing pains’. And shout outs to Gabby for sounding like such an angel on this record.”

I’m hungover again
I went out with my friends
They said it’d be fine to get out of my mind
Now I’m stuck in my bed
Didn’t bail on my plans so I can sit here and cry
And think of the time in 2009
When I said the wrong thing

– Anna Straker

When I look at my phone, I can feel so alone
Start convincing myself
That everyone else is doing better than me
‘Cause I turn 23, still don’t have a Grammy
Everything that I’ve got doesn’t feel like a lot
When I’m unhappy

– Gabrielle Aplin

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