JJ Chalmers Eighth Celebrity Contestant Confirmed For This Year’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

JJ Chalmers Is The Eighth Celebrity Contestant Confirmed For This Year’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

TV presenter and former Royal Marine JJ Chalmers Is The Eighth Celebrity Contestant That Wa Confirmed For This Year’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

The TV presenter and former Royal Marine, who suffered life-changing injuries following an IED explosion in Afghanistan, will take to the dancefloor on the BBC Latin and ballroom show later this year, and he is “up for an adventure” on the programme.

JJ – who is a friend of Prince Harry – said: “My whole life is defined by facing challenges. Whether it’s becoming a Royal Marine Commando, recovering from my injuries sustained in Afghanistan to competing in The Invictus Games.

“Now as a TV Presenter I’m lucky enough to witness some of the greatest sporting contests in the world.

“‘Strictly’ is a whole different ball game in respect to the challenges I will face but I’m up for an adventure and at least my mum will know where I am.”

JJ underwent years of rehabilitation following the life-changing IED incident, and he went on to compete in the 2014 Invictus Games, where he captained the Trike Cycling team and took home three medals.

He has also forged a TV presenting career, landing a role as a host for the Rio Paralympics and he has anchored BBC One’s coverage of the Invictus Games since 2017.

News of JJ’s ‘Strictly’ appearance was revealed on ITV’s ‘Lorraine’ this morning (03.09.20), during which he said his partner will have their “work cut out”.

When mentioned by host Lorraine Kelly that his choreography will have to take his injuries into account, he said: “That’s going to be down to whoever I get partnered with.

“They’re going to have their work cut out, essentially. We’ll figure it out.

“I can tell I’ve got terrible posture, and that’s because of my injuries. So, the idea that this could improve my rehab, continue my levels of fitness is going to make a big difference to me.

“I don’t want special treatment, but we have to level the playing field so it is fair.”

The Invictus Games medallist also hopes the event’s creator Harry will “have a great laugh” watching him on ‘Strictly’.

He added: “I think he’s going to follow. I think he’s going to have a great laugh.

“He really is a cornerstone in creating this opportunity, because he created the Invictus Games.

“He should take some massive pride that one of his lads has gone on to achieve this sort of level within their new, chosen field. Because that’s the point of Invictus.

“I’ll give this my all, and I hope he’s watching.”

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