Toosii & Summer Walker – Love Cycle (download)

Toosii & Summer Walker – Love Cycle (download)

Toosii & Summer Walker – Love Cycle (download)

Here is Toosii & Summer Walker – Love Cycle (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the R&B music acts.

I want rich sex
I ain’t the type to be depressed
You don’t be givin’ me no stress, so I know where it’s at
All I’m really tryna see, uh (Oh)
What you lookin’ at me for? (Me for)
All I want is LV, I want Gucci on me, yeah
All I want is your head, and your hands (Hands)
Gonna help, yourself (Yeah)
What you thinking ’bout me for?
Would you take me to see somethin’?
Me and my bestfriend on that G5, it’s a link up

Summer Walker

We gon’ have the bed rocking, take off them leg stockings
And you trippin’ if I ain’t gon’ give you foreplay, get the head poppin’
She say, “You for everybody,” I look at her like, “Who everybody?”
You must be everybody, last nigga fuck with your head probably
A cheater, uh, yeah
I’ma have your legs in the air like baby, I need ya, uh, yeah
Deep strokes all in your spine, can’t wait ’til I see ya, uh, yeah
Divin’ inside of your ocean, don’t need no breathers
Put the tip in to tease ya, uh

– Toosii

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