Paul Knightley Opens Up About Proposing To Sam Faiers

Paul Knightley Opens Up About Proposing To Sam Faiers

Paul Knightley Is About To Propose To His girlfriend Sam Faiers.

Paul Knightley has opened up about proposing to Sam Faiers and has hinted that when he does pop the question it’ll be a surprise to everyone.

The pair have been together since they first started dating in 2014 and months later they announced they were expecting their first child – baby Paul.

Fast forward several years and they’re also parents to Rosie and fans have been able to watch their family grow on The Mummy Diaries.

From Paul kissing his mum Gaynor on the lips, to Sam and her partner moving away from Essex (much to her family’s disapproval) we’ve seen pretty much everything but Paul has now hinted that when he does propose it’ll be a secret.

“We’ve got kids and we’re happy so I understand why people are curious, and as long as people say it in a nice way I don’t mind.

“We will 100 per cent get married, but nobody is going to know about the proposal except me. I’ll be the only one who knows when and where it’s happening,” he told OK! magazine.

Err, we’re hoping it’s filmed on The Mummy Diaries.

Sam went on to add, “When Billie was getting married there was a lot of focus on us being next and too much pressure. It’s calmed down a bit, so I’m thinking hopefully there will be a surprise soon.”

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