Drake – Certified Lover Boy Album (download)

Drake - Certified Lover Boy Album (download)

Drake - Certified Lover Boy Album (download)

Here is Drake – Certified Lover Boy album (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the rap music act. From the project, Drizzy releases the first single, Laugh Now Cry Later which features rapper Lil Durk.

This is his first full album since 2018’s Scorpion. Drizzy has reportedly indicated that the new project will feature far fewer songs than Scorpion’s 25-track compilation. During a chat with TSN, he revealed the new album would come in about anywhere from 10 to 16 tracks.

According to reports, the new album, titled Certified Lover Boy, is debuting a track featuring Bruno Mars this Friday, August 14th. Surprisingly, this will mark the first time these two superstars collaborate, and will also be the first release from Mars since 2019’s “Please Me” featuring Cardi B.

In an Instagram post in May, the 6God announced the release of his Dark Lane Demo Tapes, which he said featured a combination of “some leaks and some joints from SoundCloud and some new vibes”. He also took the opportunity to promise his fans that the next album was on its way, saying, “also my 6th STUDIO ALBUM DROPPING SUMMER 2020!!!”

On July 28, Drake’s engineer Noel Cadastre threw fans another bone when he shared a photo on his Instagram account, reminding OVO fans Drake’s sixth full-length album was in the home stretch of being released.

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“Studio for my bday,” he wrote. “we 90% but y’all gonna have to wait on that last 10%.”

Since then, several songs have leaked that have left listeners unsure if they heard bits of the new album or something else entirely.

Back in February, an attorney named Robert Kleinman filed a trademark application for the phrase “Certified Lover Boy.” The application named three possible uses for the phrase: music recordings; clothing; and television, movies, and live events.

So how does this connect to Drake? Kleinman wouldn’t comment when Complex reached out to him, but he has been the attorney for dozens of Drake-related trademark registrations, including the name “Drake” itself, which he helped the rapper lock down way back in 2009.

He also assisted with Frozen Moments, the company Drake has recently used to license his music to Republic Records, as well as “Air Drake.” The technical owner of many of those trademarks is a company called “Common Sense Counsel IP Holdings”—Common Sense Counsel is Kleinman’s law firm—which is the same company that filed for “Certified Lover Boy.”

The application was denied this past April and, while the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office doesn’t comment on specific cases, their reasoning is clear in the paperwork. It was refused due to “likelihood of confusion.”

What that means is that there are other people who own trademarks that the USPTO believes could be confused with Drake’s.

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In particular, they cite two entities whose trademarks could be an issue. In one case, the Michigan clothing company Lover’s Lane (who offer the Best Sexy Clothes in Detroit, according to readers of the Metro Times), registered the trademark for the word “Loverboy” for garments like thongs, underwear, “leather wear,” and lingerie.

For the trademark office, that was too close for comfort to Drake’s desire to stamp “Certified Lover Boy” on clothing (including undergarments, leggings, and yoga pants).

The second reason for the Trademark Office’s decision is even more interesting. Drake’s attempt to use “Certified Lover Boy” for entertainment purposes could cause confusion with… Loverboy. The Canadian rock band most famous for the 1981 hit single “Working for the Weekend.”

The band Loverboy has had the trademark to their name since 1984, and, to judge by their website, they will still be rocking out at least through fall 2021, if not longer.

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