No Tourists – Dumbo (download)

No Tourists - Dumbo (download)

No Tourists - Dumbo (download)

Here is No Tourists – Dumbo (download). The song has just been released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the hip-hop music collective from Canada.

“The song was heavily inspired by our love and respect for UK drill and grime music,” the group said of the universes and geezr-produced track. “This track is special to us because we were all on the same page in trying to make a tune that captures our respect and love for UK drill and grime. We all pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones and surprised each other a little bit – in the end, ‘Dumbo’ is what we set it out to be, you can’t listen and remain stagnant”.

K throw hands when man what beef
Feed a man fist if a nigga want food
Peter chop beats like amputee
Pardon my French I trynna be rude
No boundaries
When start shit imma end shit
Don’t trip
Lemme do what I do
Been doin bits for a bit that’s truth
Niggas just late to the rendezvous

– Keynes Woods

Ion do chat comin for your headtop
You a idiot bwoi
Get dead off fi dat
Man a real toppa toppa
Expensive shoppa
Don gargan cuz me run shit proper
Niggas got me spazzin
I’m tryna see some action
I’m the Illest on the mic is that a question
Lil shorty want the pipe lets get it crackin

– Lan’do

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