The Hamiltones – Serious (Music Video)

The Hamiltones - Serious (Music Video)
The Hamiltones - Serious (Music Video)
The Hamiltones - Serious (Music Video)
The Hamiltones – Serious (Music Video)

Watch The Hamiltones – Serious (Music Video)

The Hamiltones release the video from one of their standouts off of their last EP. Corey Williams II, J.Vito, and Tony Lelo — released Watch The Ton3s (The B-Sides). The EP, which was an extension of their debut EP, Watch The Ton3s, features six new tracks from the soulful trio.

One of the standout tracks from the EP was the eloquent-sounding track “Serious.” On the song, The Hamiltones sing a song towards a woman who they want to get into a deeper relationship with.

We are now proud to premiere the video for the soulful cut, which was directed by The Last American B-Boy. We reached out for comments about the song and video, and Leo responded via email.

“‘Serious’ was created for anyone who wants a true and honest relationship,” Lelo said. “Most times the scenario is, generally, the woman wanting a serious relationship or marriage. Not often do you hear the male perspective as such. This song is for that person that wants to give all of themselves to a person but emphasizes, I want that all in return, hence ‘Serious’.”

The Hamiltones are also selling a “Relife Package” version of their EP. The package includes Watch The Ton3s and Watch The Ton3s (The B-Sides), the Watch The Ton3s DVD, and a t-shirt. That package is $49.99 and a percentage of all sales will go to United Way of Atlanta, a non-profit that is “focused on addressing the systemic issues that put Greater Atlanta at the bottom of the list of U.S. cities in terms of opportunity and mobility for low-income children…”


Watch the music video below.

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