Evanescence – The Bitter Truth (Album download)

Download Evanescence – The Bitter Truth (Album)

Evanescence - The Bitter Truth (Album download)

Here is Evanescence – The Bitter Truth album download with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the music act. This is a follow up to their last album Synthesis.

“We promised you a new album in 2020 and we won’t let anything stop us,” Evanescence captioned their new album cover on social media. “We are proud to begin sharing our new album THE BITTER TRUTH with you, one piece at a time, starting with our first song ‘Wasted On You’ next FRIDAY!

We will choose 50 people who PRE-SAVE to get the first listen of ‘Wasted On You’ on a Zoom call with Amy Lee next Thursday!”

According to Lee, the band initially contemplated postponing the release of the new LP’s first single, but quickly decided against it. “It just felt really wrong for how we are feeling,” she explained. “We feel like more than ever we want to connect with people, with our fans. That’s what live is — live is a direct connection.

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We’re in the room, in the moment — you’re getting to experience music and feel your feelings together — and that’s what we’re missing. And I know that our fans have been waiting for a new album from us for a really long time. And after all the bad news — there’s just so much bad news this year, just in a row — it just felt the opposite of what I wanted to also be, like, ‘Also, we’re just gonna wait to put out music.’ So you sit there and you have nothing. I think it’s different for everybody.

“Obviously, we can’t promote [the new music] like we would be able to if we weren’t in this situation,” she continued. “That’s the big downside. We can’t go and play ‘Wasted On You’ live right now — we’re not on the late-night shows playing the song, or whatever it is that you do to be in person and get people to hear music.

But I think for me personally, I am in a place where I need music right now — I am consuming music more than normal — and I usually kind of go by the idea that if I’m feeling something, if I’m doing something, I’m probably not the only person in the world who’s like me. So we just did what felt right for us, which is we really, really, really wanted to make a connection.

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So through releasing a song, but also making that video, where we’re really exposing ourselves by showing our real lives and our real homes and what we’re doing in this quarantine that I know is so similar to a lot of people, it just felt really good to us, as humans, to be able to reach out and make a connection like that.”

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