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Evanescence – Synthesis Album download
It’s been six years since Grammy Award-winning Evanescence released any new music but are finally here with a new album titled Synthesis. 

The group – which now features Vocalist/Pianist Amy Lee as its sole original member – have officially released three albums – 2003’s Fallen, 2006’s The Open Door, 2011’s Evanescence – along with 2016’s B-sides collection, Lost Whispers. Touring the world and racking up accolades, the group has become synonymous with 1990s Alternative Rock thanks largely in-fact to their mega-hit singles “Bring Me to Life” and “My Immortal.”

Evanescence – Lee, Lead Guitarist/Backing Vocalist Troy McLawhorn, Guitarist/Backing Vocalist Jen Majura, Bassist Tim McCord, and Drummer Will Hunt – are now primed for an epic return with Synthesis. Their fourth full-length studio offering reimagines many of the band’s best work, tossing in two new tracks to promise great things for the future. The sixteen-song collection strips away the guitars and the Rock drum parts, creating a package that is a dazzling Neo-Classical reinterpretation of the group’s catalogue.

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Synthesis begins with the one-minute piano and string instrumental “Overture,” which builds tension as it moves into “Never Go Back.” Sublimely haunting piano bleeds into strings as Lee’s vocals soar and, while she has always had quasi-operatic tendencies, she reaches beyond the stars here to fly alongside electronic beats that are gently peppered into the mix; lending a fresh new take to the 2011 original. In the bewitching “Hi-Lo” – a track reportedly originally intended for the group’s eponymous offering – Lee’s vocals coalesce with beautiful strings – including a guest appearance from the phenomenal violinist Lindsey Stirling – and electronic beats to craft a massive, epic sound that is a marvelous representation of the 2017 reincarnation of Evanescence.

On Synthesis, Evanescence have stripped away anything Rock-n-Roll and replaced it with electronic twinklings dancing alongside epic orchestration. If you are going to reimagine old work, this is how you do it! There has always been a finesse and artistry that ran alongside Evanescence’s music, something deeper than simple Rock-n-Roll: on Synthesis, Lee and her musical misfits step out from behind the racing guitars to explore that intriguing piece of their magnificent puzzle. Boldly massive, gorgeously haunting, Synthesis is a collection that toes the Neo-Classical line with fierce latex ballet slippers and leather fairy wings a-flutter. For these reasons, CrypticRock give Evanescence’s Synthesis 5 of 5 stars.

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1. Overture

2. Never Go Back

3. Hi-Lo

4. My Heart Is Broken

5. Lacrymosa

6. The End of the Dream

7. Bring Me to Life (Synthesis)

8. Unraveling (Interlude)

9. Imaginary

10. Secret Door

11. Lithium

12. Lost in Paradise

13. Your Star

14. My Immortal

15. The In-Between (Piano Solo)

16. Imperfection

Stream below 

Evanescence – Synthesis

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