Giraffage – Basketball (Download)

Giraffage – Basketball (mp3 Download)

Giraffage – Basketball (mp3 download)

Here is a new song from Giraffage – Basketball download with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new single is the latest musicmusic from Charlie Yin which follows up his previous hit, Workout.

“I’ve always wanted to do a song using basketball sounds,” Yin says. “When I think of basketball, it evokes a very specific kind of timbre in my head – the squeaking of shoes, the rubbery sound of a basketball hitting a wood court. Such a distinct vibe conjures up in my mind when I hear the word basketball. To translate something like that to a song was another one of those fun challenges for myself.”

“These two tracks are just the logical extension of what made me want to do the Giraffage project in the first place, which was to experiment with sounds and pull in influences from different genres,” he says. “It’s been fun making shit that I don’t feel like people will expect from me and seeing what the reaction will be.”

“Since I started doing ceramics, I swear it’s enabled me to look at music in a different way,” he says. “Pretty much all my classmates are old grandmas. It’s the best possible vibe I could be in.”

“I never want to make the same song twice,” he says. “Producing music is such a fun, almost spiritual thing. Just to keep it fresh and interesting for myself is more important than however many plays I think I’ll get or whatever.”


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