Samsung & Mobeewave Introduce mPOS payments

Samsung & Mobeewave Introduce mPOS payments

Samsung & Mobeewave mPOS payments is here

Samsung announced a new partnership with Mobeewave for mPOS payments worldwide, this will allow for mobile point of sale payments with Samsung devices.
Merchants will be able to download the new Samsung POS app from the Google Play Store or the Galaxy Store and use this to accept payment.

Samsung Electronics today announced that in partnership with Mobeewave, a pioneer in contactless mobile card payment acceptance, the company will deploy NFC-enabled contactless payment acceptance on smartphones worldwide starting Oct 15, 2019.

Over the past several months, the two companies have worked together on a pilot in Canada, testing Samsung POS, a secure, mobile-based, Point Of Sale (POS) solution. Samsung POS enables merchants to accept debit and credit payments by tapping contactless cards, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay wallets onto Samsung NFC-enabled devices – without dongles, cables or other additional hardware.

You can find out more details about the Samsung POS app technology over at Samsung on their website.

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