Brockhampton drops new song & video, Boy Bye

Brockhampton - Boy Bye

Brockhampton - Boy Bye

Brockhampton return with a new single titled Boy Bye. Available for download and streaming, the rap group is prepping music fans for their forthcoming album, Ginger. BROCKHAMPTON has shared tracks off the music project such as “If You Pray Right” and “I Been Born Again.”

On “Boy Bye,” the rappers spit rhymes about depression, trauma, anxiety, and a host of other topics.

Last year the group delivered their critically-acclaimed album iridescence, the first in what is said to be a trilogy of releases. When Kevin Abstract dropped his solo project Arizona baby earlier this year there were rumors that BROCKHAMPTON may have called it quits.

[Dom McLennon]
Ayy,  everybody ask me how I deal with my depression
Man  look (Man look), I don’t got the answer to your question
If I did, you would probably never hear from me again
That’s a promise, not a threat and it ain’t no half stepping (Hey)
Can’t  let it compromise the pace I’m setting (Hey)
Grandma  told me don’t forget to count my blessings (Woo)
Breaking up botanicals to ease my stressing
Was  the one that you needed but you weren’t expecting
Game need refreshing (Hey), what you been suggesting? (Hey)
Wrote a new Constitution, we don’t need amending (Hey)

01 “No Halo”
02 “Sugar”
03 “Boy Bye”
04 “Heaven Belongs To You”
05 “St. Percy”
06 “If You Pray Right”
07 “Dearly Departed”
08 “I Been Born Again”
09 “Ginger”
10 “Big Boy”
11 “Love Me For Life”
12 “Victor Roberts”

Peep the visuals below and download the track below.

DOWNLOAD Brockhampton – Boy Bye

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