Download album: The Hold Steady – Thrashing Thru The Passion

The Hold Steady – Thrashing Thru The Passion (Album)

The Hold Steady – Thrashing Thru The Passion (Album)

The Hold Steady release their Thrashing Thru The Passion (Album). Loaded with 10 sings, the new LP is available for download and streaming. The album is a follow up 2014’s Teeth Dreams.

The album also features new songs “Epaulets,” “You Did Good Kid,” “Traditional Village” and “Blackout Sam” — all of which the Hold Steady recorded with producer Josh Kaufman and engineer D. James Goodwin in early 2019 in Woodstock, New York. “Entitlement Crew,” “Confusion in the Marketplace,” “T-shirt Tux,” “Star 18” and “The Stove & the Toaster” — were all previously released during a wave of periodic double-singles dating back to late 2017.

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“A lot of things have changed since we started in 2003,” he said. “We’ve changed the way we approach touring, opting for multi show weekends in bigger cities rather than the skullduggery of month long slogs. This is more realistic for where we are at now, and we’ve also found it to make the band much more musical. More of our time together is spent playing and performing music than setting up and taking down gear, driving it to the next place, setting it up again. Also, these runs of shows have reinforced what an amazing community exists around this band, and how it keeps growing. All in all, making this change to the way we approach shows has given a new life to the band.” – frontman Craig Finn

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1. Denver Haircut (03:01)
2. Epaulets (02:47)
3. You Did Good Kid (04:09)
4. Traditional Village (02:48)
5. Blackout Sam (04:52)
6. Entitlement Crew (03:45)
7. T-Shirt Tux (03:58)
8. Star 18 (03:13)
9. The Stove & the Toaster (03:33)
10. Confusion in the Marketplace (03:28)

Listen and download below.

DOWNLOAD The Hold Steady – Thrashing Thru The Passion

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