Video: Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD – Hate Me

Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD - Hate Me (Video)

Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD - Hate Me (Video)

Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD release Hate Me (Music Video). Directed by Saam Farahmand, who plays off of social media’s negative impact and the vicious cycle of emotions people go through when ending a relationship. The visuals add to the theme of the song by showing the various ways people deal with heartbreak. The video starts by showing a smartphone deleting pictures of Goulding. That phone then becomes a coping method for dancers featured in the video as they use it to listen to music in hopes to get over their lost lover.

Ellie then takes photos of a voodoo doll resembling herself and sings atop a butcher’s knife graphic. A pensive Juice Wrld makes an appearance deep in thought about the mistakes of his past, as smoke clouds flow from his mouth for the entirety of his assist.

“The truth of the matter is that humans are crazy and do fucked up things to people, and that’s the truth,” Ellie Goulding told Beats 1. “I realized that I can always try and wear these rose-tinted glasses when it comes to my own past relationships or my friends’ relationships, but actually when it comes down to it some things are just really messed up. Sometimes I think you need to hear that. You need to hear it…to sort of validate your own situation, and it happens a lot. I played it to Juice Wrld, he loved it and wanted to be involved.”

Watch the video for Hate Me below.

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