Samsung Announces The $1,980 Flip Phone Of The Future: “Galaxy Fold”

Samsung Announces The $1,980 Flip Phone Of The Future:

See Samsung New $1,980 Flip Phone Of The Future: “Galaxy Fold”

Mobile Phone Giants Samsung has officially announced the “Galaxy Fold,” which as the name would suggest, would make it the unique “foldable” phone on the market once it’s released in the month of April. The Fold is not a flip phone like many would suggest, including myself. “We are giving you a device that doesn’t just define a new category, it defies categories,” exclaims Samsung’s senior VP of marketing Justin Denison.

Although Samsung’s pitch sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to casual observers, the “Fold” seems to be more closely related to the Tablet than it’s spiritual successor the “Flip Phone,” due to the device’s 7.3-inch screen and its shipping container capacity for internal memory.

The “Fold” will be introduced to the market in 5 different colors, in one of two models: LTE and 5G versions, one boasting of 2GB of RAM on the cheap end, the $1,980 5G version a startling 512GB off in-house storage. The “Fold” is largely viewed as Samsung’s response to critics who thought telecommunications had it’s reached an end rope in innovation. Samsung’s Korean CEO DJ Koh held a big media event where he himself cut the ceremonial ribbon in two parts. “Get ready for the dawn of a new mobile era,” he exclaimed. ”

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