“Surviving R. Kelly” Accusers Talk Extent Of His Abuse: Sex Tapes & Instructions

“Surviving R. Kelly” Accusers Detail Extent Of His Abuse: Sex Tapes & Instructions

R. Kelly has had tons of allegations fly his way in the last few years as details have broken out from brave women who have retold their stories. From sex cults to physical abuse, R. Kelly is being accused of a lot. While it’s been difficult to determine who we can believe, the upcoming Lifetime series Surviving R. Kelly should help in clarifying some of his accusers’ stances. The docuseries will debut tonight and it will air in three instalments. Some highlights have been exclusively released early as we take a look into what he’s being accused of.

Women have come forward to speak about their experiences with R. Kelly, including his ex-wife. Lisa Van Allen was one of the first women to speak out against the singer in 2008 and in her interview, she admitted that he would often film their sex acts without her permission. “Pretty early on he kind of introduced you to everything he was into. I was instructed to call him ‘Daddy’ during sex, but it went from that to pretty much all the time he’d be ‘Daddy,'” she said.

She added, “Robert would film our sex acts sometimes. He would never ask me if it was OK to be filmed, but he never hid the camera or anything like that.” The statement echoes what some of his other accusers have said.

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