Lil Peep – Life Is Beautiful (Song)

Lil Peep – Life Is Beautiful (download).

Lil Peep - Life Is Beautiful (download)
Lil Peep – Life Is Beautiful (download)

Lil Peep drops a new single titled Life Is Beautiful. Having lost Peep last year, the aura surrounding his legacy has only intensified, bringing him ever-closer to icon-status. Now, with his first posthumous effort on the way, Peep’s team have brought worth a whimsical new single, sonically reminiscent of Yung Lean’s melodic work on Stranger.

Taking to an atmospheric instrumental, Peep reflects on those doomed to suffer, painting pictures of terminal patients wishing to connect with their loved ones. “Tumor in your brain, and they saying it’s inoperable,” sings Peep, “isn’t life beautiful?” His words are tinged with a sad sense of irony, juxtaposed wonderfully against the quietly cheerful production.

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Given that previous singles “Runaway” and “Cry Alone” drew closely from Peep’s “emo” influences, it’s refreshing to see a different style being explored.

Listen to Life Is Beautiful by Lil Peep below.

Download Lil Peep – Life Is Beautiful

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