Watch Drake Flirt With Stefflon Don; New Romance Or New Song?

Watch Drake Flirt With Stefflon Don; New Romance Or New Song?

Drake Flirts With Stefflon Don In Video Chat.

Drake has been romantically linked to pretty much everybody imaginable and despite going on a few dates with up-and-coming models and shooting his shot at Heidi Klum, Drizzy is still out here shooting shots. With millions of dollars in his bank account and plenty of hit singles to his name, girls would be crazy to turn him down but he may be closing in on “the one.”

2018 XXL Freshman Stefflon Don was on Instagram Live with her friend as they scouted potential lovers. The two wrote, “STEFF & MOIRA ARE LOOKING FOR LOVE IF YOU INTERESTED CALL,” on the stream. One possible suitor, Drake, seemed to slide in for a video call of his own, flirting heavy with the British rapper. Stefflon asked Drake why he should be her man and he offered up a few reasons why he might fit the role. “I’m a confident guy,” said the Canadian artist. “I can hold my own in any room, you know. I’ve known you for a while, we busting out jokes together. What else? What else? We could cook up chune together in the stu.”

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His pitch may have worked out as Steff started blushing, hitting him with a “Me likey.” Drake even offered to organize all of her heels, fits and wigs.

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