Amerie – Don’t Say A Word (Song)

Amerie - Don’t Say A Word (Song)
Amerie – Don’t Say A Word (Song)

Amerie Is Back.

Don’t Say A Word” vibes with R&B’s contemporary style. The instrumental leaves Amerie’s previous signature sound behind, swapping heavy drum beats and powerful brass sections with a more mellow foundation, allowing her voice to take over the sonic space.

Amerie surprised her fans when she dropped her double EP. The singer had a special kind of creative freedom yo offer her listeners an unprecedented sound, recording and mixing her songs herself while pregnant. She also opened up about the vision she had for her project’s production.

“I love my projects to be very sonically cohesive. As I was recording, I wasn’t trying to limit myself in any way, I was feeling very, very creative — I had just came off of writing a new story and I wanted to go full-out into the recording process. I didn’t want the album to be a smorgasbord of sound, it needs to have a vibe and that’s why there’s two projects.”

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