No man ever gets severe stomach ache for lack of sex – Nigerian Doctor

No man ever gets severe stomach ache for lack of sex – Nigerian Doctor
No man ever gets severe stomach ache for lack of sex – Nigerian Doctor

Most guys will always give excuse for lack of sex – Nigerian Doctor

A Nigerian doctor has been going on an enlightenment spree on twitter, educating his followers on the wrong perceptions they usually have on various pre and post sexual activities. According to Dr. Olufunmilayo, most guys will always give the excuse of lack of sex for an imaginary severe stomach ache

No man ever gets severe stomach ache for lack of sex – Nigerian Doctor
No man ever gets severe stomach ache for lack of sex – Nigerian Doctor

This is all in the bid to get down with their prospects. Well, the doctor has stated that it is entirely false and no man ever gets stomach pain from lack of sex.

Read his tweets:

“To boys who tell ladies they are having very severe stomach pains from not having sex:
Your day of reckoning has come

That line is an ABSOLUTE lie

No man ever gets severe acute stomach ache from not having sex.
And NO, not having sex has NO LONG TERM DAMAGES to a man.

I understand as a part of some imaginary bro code, I shouldn’t put this information out there

But I’m sorry, I’m just a messenger doing the work of the Lord

The story that a man will be having very severe stomach ache that can only be relieved by sex is a total lie

What some men term as “blue balls” is actually a feeling of sexual frustration and dull discomfort due to fluid congestion when a man gets really aroused sexually.

It’s a normal restlessness and discomfort that goes with sexual release- it’s NOT a life threatening situation.

And you know what?
It’s quite very temporary and if a man has sex or simply takes his mind off sexual thoughts, that feeling goes.

It’s merely sexual frustration and nothing more than that.

It’s NOT a life threatening problem and NO woman should be made to see it that way.

As a matter of fact, even women can have the discomfort from getting very Hot and sexually aroused but having no avenue for a sexual release.

Only that women don’t tag it a name or lie that it’s giving them very severe pains.

No man will die from not having sex, please

Basically what happens is just the physiology of normal sexual arousal.
When a man gets aroused, blood flows to the genital area, IF he doesn’t have sex and the arousal is sustained, he feels discomfort-

So what’s the solution?
Have sex.
Or avoid sexual arousal thoughts.

So is “blue balls” real?
Yes, it is.
In some men.

Is it a life threatening problem for a man?

Will a man die from not having sex?

Does a man have to have sex because of that?
NO. Sex is an option, not a mandatory necessity. Taking his mind off the sex will work as well.

I know a lot of men are in severe pains ( or sifia pains as that famous Governor called it), but I apologise, I just feel we should set the records straight for posterity sake.

If you want sex from a woman, let it be on the grounds of honestly gotten consent. Not deceit or lies.

I hope this table is still intact, it was never my plans or intentions to shatter anyone’s sand castle of myths.

But yeah, it is what it is.
And I said what I said.

Men actually don’t die from not having sex. And no woman is saving the life of any man by giving him sex.

See guys, we are on the same team.
I’m on your side.
For real.

All I’m saying is that sexual frustration a man feels from not having sex a long time or from being aroused and no hopes of sex in sight is a normal thing.

No need to exaggerate it or lie just to get sex

Imagine knowing that what you are going through or what u go through once in a while with sexual arousal is NOT life threatening, will NOT kil you, can NOT cause you any problems on the long term and does NOT compulsorily require sex.

Brothers, this is a message of good tidings.

And a quick note tho:
Going through the comments, some men actually believe this myth is real and not a joke.

Please for your own good, don’t be daft. The risk with believing such crap is forcibly getting sex at all cost.

Pls, NO court will justify rape because of “blue balls”.

The essence of sex education/awareness is not only to encourage safer sex practice and better attitude to handling sexual frustration, it can literally save u as a man from jail and/or from rape accusation.

Pls be smart, bro. Don’t let a silly “blue balls” myth send you to jail.”

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