Download Album: Thouxanbanfauni – Requiem

Thouxanbanfauni - Requiem album download
Thouxanbanfauni – Requiem album download

Listen and Download Thouxanbanfauni – Requiem.

Thouxanbanfauni drops off his new project Requiem. THOUXAN’S second project “Requiem” was set for release in April 2018, however a studio set on fire that most likely contained some of his work. Afterwards, THOUXAN stated that the album would be postponed. He got rap projects like Heavy Weight Champ, The Exfiles, The Lost Files and his new effort, Requiem, which features the banger “Wide Awake.”

On the come up, Fauni experienced a life-changing moment that almost had him near death’s door. “Thouxan, I got that because my homie had some prescriptions,” he shares. “He was skateboarding, broke his arm, had prescriptions. At his spot, chillin’, kickin’ shit. Went to the studio, niggas was on some whole other shit, ya feel me? I had a headache. Really I wanted to take some mufuckin’ Advil. This nigga had some in his backpack, but he mixed all his shit with his prescriptions.

So I just took a ton of them bitches… Don’t do that! I lived through it though, through an OD, ya feel me? It’s crazy. I shouldn’t even be here, but I’m here. I’m in this bitch!” A true survivor’s mentality.

01 Stupid Lil Bih
02 Fully Automatic Stick
03 How You Scared of Fire
04 Eyes Wide Shut
05 Wide Awake
06 A-DL
07 If It Wasn’t for the Hoopty
08 X-Men
09 Xenon
10 Rain on Ya Parade
11 Black Plague
12 Heavy Pockets
13 Synchronize
14 Double Jeopardy

Stream the album below.


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