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Eye-Witness During Xxxtentacion’s Murder Explains How It Happened

Eye-Witness During Xxxtentacion's Murder Explains How It Happened

Eye-Witness During Xxxtentacion’s Murder Explains How It Happened

The eye-witness who recorded the video that broke the internet which showed a lifeless XXXTentacion in his BMW has finally come forward to speak on what happened June 18th 2018 the day XXXTentacion was killed.

The witness in the video gave full detail of how the situation played out. He stated that XXXTentacion came there to purchase dirt bikes with his uncle. He said XXXTentacion was in good spirits and joking with them while in the bike shop, calling their bike “SLOW” while laughing. The witness also stated that he waited by XXXTentacion’s car for a picture when X told him not today he said they headed back in the store.

Once X got out of the gate and at the stop sign, he states a black Dodge van cut him off and two men jumped out with guns. All he heard was XXXTentacion say “What the Fuck is This” and 3 shots followed. He also states that it was not Soldier Kidd and that it was not red mask they were wearing it was red bandana’s.

Check the full detailed witness statement below.

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|1-7| #xxxtentacion’s murder witness & also the last person that took a picture of x comes forward with details on what occurred at that time.. He didn’t want to show his face but here’s what he has to say..| Follow @djvontv If Viewing|

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