MitiS – ‘Til the End (Album)

MitiS – ‘Til the End Album download

MitiS – ‘Til the End Album download

Mitis releases his new album titled Til The End. After losing his initial album to a failed hard drive, his love and passion for music empowered him to continue making new music and a new album. Known for his melodic and emotional beats, his music brings a different energy into today’s music scene. It’s music that sounds as though it has a heart of its own and is a different type of EDM that you’ll want to explore yourself.

So far, four singles from Til The End have been released, including the most recent single “Away,” which was released on March 5. All the single show a strong cohesive sound and impeccable use of vocalists like Adara, Tedy, and Gioto.

Mitis said “I really feel that losing the album is a blessing. I just started writing, really going into how I get about music, and where I imagined myself musically. When you have drive and a passion for what you do, nothing else matters.” 

Stream the album below and cop the album below.


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