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Smokepurpp & Travis Scott – ‘Fingers Blue’ (Video)

Smokepurpp & Travis Scott - ‘Fingers Blue' (Video)

Smokepurpp & Travis Scott – ‘Fingers Blue’ (Video)

Travis Scott and Smokepurpp release the music video for their collaboration “Fingers Blue” which was one of the fat tracks on his album Deadstar. The visuals come just after Smokepurpp released the visuals for “Geek A Lot.”

The video starts off with with the duo riding around in a car before passing through Scott’s grandmother’s house. When they arrive, they instantly pop in a VHS tape and are transported into a room of bodacious strippers. While Purpp and La Flame watch the dancers in awe, Scott’s grandmother begins stirring a blue liquid substance inside a pot. As she continues to stir, the gorgeous dancers morph into hell-raising monsters who savagely attack them.

Watch the video below.

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