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Download Mixtape: Soulja Boy – King Soulja 8

Soulja Boy - King Soulja 8 mixtape download

Soulja Boy – King Soulja 8 mixtape download

Soulja Boy released his King Soulja 7 mixtape in 2016 which happened to be his fourth project for that year and has now returned with King Soulja 8.

Released and available for stream via ITunes, the mixtape contains released songs such as Turn On The Stove and Gucci Durag.

Soulja boy is in the news for the wrong reasons once again. The rapper is being sued by a chauffer who claims the rapper included footage of him in a music video without his permission.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the rapper hired Kamilah Daily from a transportation company in February of last year. Daily was responsible for driving Soulja, his director, and his manager around during their time in Las Vegas, and during one ride, Daily alleges that he was filmed without his consent. Footage that featured Daily was later included in Soulja’s “Bling” music video, which has since been removed from YouTube.

Daily is seeking unspecified damages, citing substantial distress and mental anguish; his attorneys have also filed an injunction that will prevent Soulja Boy from further distributing the footage.

The trouble for Soulja Boy doesn’t end there, either; the rapper’s lawyers have requested that they be dropped from the case, claiming that communication issues with Soulja and his team have prevented them from providing adequate legal representation. They say the rapper has yet to pay attorney fees, even after he was issued a warning that he would be dropped as a client if he did not do so.

Stream the project below.


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