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“Don’t You Ever Hit A Woman Again In Your Life” – Wizkid Warns Fan At Ugandan Show

“Don’t You Ever Hit A Woman Again In Your Life” – Wizkid Warns Fan At Ugandan Show

Wizkd is one music act with a personality that’s worth admiring especially in terms of how grounded he could be on positive matters that affect people all around the world.

At a show in Uganda, Nigerian Superstar Wizkid while performing, paused to stop an assault on one of the female fans in the audience. In the middle of his high-spirited performance, the singer instructed his band to stop the music as he addressed what seems to be an incident in which a male fan was hitting a female fan. Weezy seems to have seen the incident and he addressed it without hesitation.

He said;

” don’t touch that girl. hey Mr. man listen to me, one love. Wizkid shows is all about love. We preach love. Don’t you ever touch a girl again in your life.”

Watch video below.

Watch his performance

Nigerian ‘starboy’ Wizkid had earlier on blasted award organisers who downgrade African artistes at shows in contradiction to international artistes.

Wizkid in an interview with NBS Uganda while on a tour said the unequal treatment by organisers is the reason he does not show up for such awards.

According to him, the only way African awards will be wildly recognised like Grammys is when organisers show equal treatment and love to both local and international artistes.

He said, “I don’t go for African awards because they give awards offstage.

“To elevate ourselves and get recognition worldwide, Nigerian artistes need to stop taking nonsense from anyone that’s trying to give us shows or awards backstage.

“I don’t take nonsense from anyone that tries to look down on Africans or African entertainment.

“If you’re not going to show us same love you show international artistes on stage don’t show us no love.

“We don’t want it, we have our people’s support.”

Watch below

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