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Iggy Azalea – 4 My Ratz (Mixtape Download)

Iffy Azalea - 4 My Ratz (Mixtape Download)

Iffy Azalea – 4 My Ratz (Mixtape Download)

Iggy Azalea Just dropped off a brand new body of work she tags 4 My Ratz. The Mo Bounce Queen channeled unto the project, four songs with one feature.

“Surprisingly to some, I’m not dead,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’m not releasing any singles or new music with my new label until Jan 2018. Sorry about that BUT… I am making a Christmas album. Just kidding, I’m not making a Christmas album. I am going to put some songs up tonight that my friend Ljay Currie produced for me over the summer that I feel are motivational.”

“We both say its fine if you download them so… I sign my own permission slip,” she wrote.

The R&B infused “Going Up” includes slick beats and rapid-fire vocals, while “Good” features smooth rhythms that compliment her raps about pursuing a music career when she was younger.

“I remember like 10 years ago/ I wanted my name up in bold/ I wanted my name up in lights/ I wanted to rock every show,” she spits.

She practiced, posed and dreamed of being a star, she raps. And now her dreams have become reality: “I used to take pics in the mirror/ I had to get ready for Vogue/ And now I’m way bigger, way bigger, way bigger than I ever could have dreamed before.”

“Never Satisfied,” which features slow rapping and atmospheric music, is reminiscent of Drake. And “Hate on It” is about taking on haters. “I don’t like being told no/ I prove ’em wrong/ There’s no such thing as no when you’re on your own.”

See track listing below

1. Going Up ft LJay Currie.
2. Good.
3. Hate On It
4. Never Satisfied

Stream and download below


Download Iggy Azalea – 4 My Ratz

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