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Video: Estelle – Stronger Than You

Video: Estelle - Stronger Than You

Estelle – Stronger Than You video


Emmy-nominated Steven Universe is known for tackling issues surrounding gender, sex and identity and has resonated profoundly with its young audience. This past weekend, Cartoon Network brought the show to San Diego’s Comic-Con to shoot a music video for “Stronger Than You,” which appeared on the show’s chart-topping soundtrack.



Estelle, who voices Garnet on the show, stars in the video as she performs with fans at Comic-Con. The upbeat song plays atop the screaming fans as she struts through the crowds. While Estelle stands out from the audience in an elegant black dress, the excited fans all match in T-shirts that read “I Am Made of Love,” another hit song from the show’s soundtrack.

Peep the uplifting music video below.




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