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Find Our Girls Or Resign—Group Yells At Jonathan


The National Union of Ogoni Students’ USA, an umbrella organization of Ogoni students in Diaspora rose from a meeting on Sunday May 4th, 2014 following the deplorable, dreaded, and frightful security situation in Nigeria and the abduction of over 234 students in Bornu State, bombing at Nyanya; kidnapping (now a new trade in Nigeria), and the tussle at the National Conference. We therefore issue the following statements:

1. We are appalled by the actions of Boko Haram and condemn in strong terms the abduction of 234 Nigerian students from their dormitories by the insurgent group. We urge the militant sect to show decency and release the abducted students to their parents unconditionally and without harm so that they could continue with their education. We are in prayers with the agonizing families of the abducted Students and the good people of Nigeria.

2. According to Henry Clay, ‘Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees, and both the trust and trustees, are created for the benefit of the people.’ Therefore, following President Jonathan’s insensitivity and ineffective handling of affairs in Nigeria (from the environmental problem in Ogoni to the abduction of school students in Bornu State), he has shown enough inhumanity, lack of remorse, and failure of leadership. Leadership has responsibilities and he should bear the brunt of his failed leadership. Nigeria is now a failed state and the president has failed the Nigerian people and it is time President Jonathan should take responsibility for government failures under his watch and resign with his cabinet. He should borrow a leaf from the Prime Minister of South Korea, Chung Hong-Won who took personal responsibility for the April 16 disaster that left over 300 students and teachers dead. Nigeria cannot sacrifice 234 students for ineffective leadership.

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