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Do Not Judge or You Too Will Be Judged – Charly Boy


Area Fada is back again with another epistle. Read his post below.

“Do not judge or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you

Matthew 7:1-2

The Nigerian social media highway is most times polluted by silly, stupid judgmental comments, reminding me of the drivers I see on our roads. Rude, reckless, careless with a foul mouth filled with unprintable yarns. Check out comments on some blogs, even on my Facebook page, some comments are obviously ignorant, stupid or downright off the hook in relation to the issue. Some of our social media junkies have an opinion as if anybody send dem, and a lot of times it is so crazily judgmental. Haba.

I consider myself a liberal minded kinda fella. I try never to judge, even though total strangers have been ignorantly unkind and judgmental about my treasured brand, Charly Boy. I have walked my journey guided by the philosophy, “live and let live”.

Recently, there was this trending story of an American who married his Nigerian gay partner, David Shoen-Ukre, in New York on July 30, who accused Nigerian bloggers, of causing the couple harm by publishing their stories without permission. The rain of curses/abuse, and the terrible judgmental comments the ensued after the story broke, was incredible. Many concluded that the couples were evil. I have never seen hate and ignorance come so alive in words.

While I cannot speak louder than the stupidity of other people who will disagree with me on this, NO, being gay is not evil!!

A man marrying a man may be a hard pill for a lot of us to digest, but the world has changed even since I took a dump this morning.

Don’t judge others simply because they sin differently than you. Every aspect of humanity is diverse. Skin color, tribal marks/culture, height/weight, religious beliefs/tastes, everyone thinks differently and are different. We see what we see from where we stand.

What is Evil to me, are the men in Agbada/Uniform who sold our country, our future and rendered most of us hopeless, futureless, obnoxiously poor in a land filled with plenty. They are the VERY EVIL ONEs, and we are feeling the effect of their EVIL.

I have always said that people’s sexual preferences are their cup of tea. Even though many will swear that I am gay too, hummm for dem pocket. I, however, must confess that I have a few close associates, casual friends who are Gay, and I truly don’t mind their company or friendship. In fact, I have found the few of them, with very warm hearts, and fantastic soul. Yes o!

And for those modaf*ckers who would want to come and quote bible for me, this is a piece from the same Holy book.

Titus 3:2-7

“To speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people – For we ourselves were once foolish, disobedient, led astray, slaves to various passions and pleasures, passing our days in malice and envy, hated by others and hating one another. But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior.”

Shey you grab?


Let’s make sure our comments are germane to the topic, let’s be concise in our comments, demonstrating respect for people and ideas whether we agree or disagree with them and limit ourselves to decency. Make we no dey show how small our mind dey. I don talk my own o.”


Happy Children’s Day Poem by @JoshSingz


Every child deserves love.
Every Child deserves peace.
Every child dreams.
Every child teaches.
Every child learns.
Every child builds.
Every child grows.
Every child loves.
Let’s make the world a better place for them.
We are the children.
We are the world.

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A lot of people nowadays talk about the music industry like it’s a special entity where the artist deserves more reward than any other. Yes they are artists, yes they deserve recognition when they are good, but looking at any other market that is filled with people wanting to be successful, and let’s just agree that pretty much everyone wants to be a musician at some point, you have to work hard, you hardly break even and if you are lucky, well connected, hard working, etc enough you can break through and thrive, not to mention that only a small minority would actually be doing something they love for a living like everyone in the music industry is, which can be considered quite a privilege already.


Why should the music industry be any different? If you produce good music you’ll break through the same way as if you have a successful product, it is not a guarantee, there are many variables as to how/why a fan base is built around something and it certainly doesn’t solely depend on quality. You can be struggling your whole life even if you have a good product until maybe you get there, if you ever do.
Just because musicians once made too much money doesn’t mean that should be the only reward a struggling one should aim for. Do people forget about the true reward in art? Having said that, I actually agree artists should be getting more from all of this, but I see a wave of people bitching about how this ‘amazing band I know hardly broke even this year, BUT I LOVE THEIR WORK they should be making millions!!!’.. really?!
To also say that this doesn’t encourage new people to distribute their music is just insane! When did companies going bust ever stop encouraging people from opening new ones?


The world has changed a lot in how information is distributed and people definitely demand cheaper and/or free solutions when this same information is so readily available through non-paying mediums, so why shouldn’t these markets adapt? Of course the music industry has adapted a lot, but don’t come telling me to go buy the artists CD’s because he or she is struggling not ‘raking in the dough’, instead tell me percentages being offered to artists by the record labels that made those deals in the first place are ridiculous and that is something that has to be changed, because someone is definitely cashing in from all those clicks and downloads.


If you are a struggling artist producing music, it is much much cheaper to produce it nowadays than it ever was, you have a direct connection with billions of people that you never had before so if you want to make yourself heard you’ll find a way regardless of all this, but if your main incentive is money then you should just stick to what most people do and work on a non-gratifying job with more potential to rake in the dough and stop complaining..

#Celebrating #MothersDay – Listen to #SongForMama by #Crisace


A Toast To Mothers

Nearly 1 year ago after Nigerian-Benin musician Crisace of House of Ace released Song for Mama, the classic song remains as popular as ever. Why wouldn’t it be? Crisace’s melodious tune is an adoration to the most phenomenal personage in humanity — the mother.

Mothers no longer just console their crying babies, mothers now contribute so much more to their children’s overall wellbeing. Thus, it’s not that Sweet Mother has lost its taste, it’s just that our mothers have gotten sweeter.

It is no coincidence that global development has come at a time of greater empowerment for women. Successful corporations, business ventures, public and private institutions are populated with mothers nursing their organisations to greatness. Our mothers are not just managing homes, they are handling the welfare of nations.

While there are real difficulties in merging increased societal involvement and devotion to family, mothers around the world are rising above the challenge. By tending us– their offspring, they make great people, and by tending our society they make greater nations.

As we celebrate them today, let us appreciate their contributions, support their efforts, and most importantly fight with and for them against the challenges that continue to limit them. How better to fight for our mothers than to always remember their sacrifices.

Download Song For Mama by Crisace and join us celebrate mothers around the world.

Happy Mothers’ Day

New Week Motivational (A Must Read)


Set the foundation for something greater than reality and you shall find that in the long run, every building block set in stone provided the reality that was set in motion. 
I have a dream.
I’ve never stopped believing.
I will never give up.
I will never hold back.
I shall succeed.
I shall be better.
I can be better.
I will better.