#Celebrating #MothersDay – Listen to #SongForMama by #Crisace


A Toast To Mothers

Nearly 1 year ago after Nigerian-Benin musician Crisace of House of Ace released Song for Mama, the classic song remains as popular as ever. Why wouldn’t it be? Crisace’s melodious tune is an adoration to the most phenomenal personage in humanity — the mother.

Mothers no longer just console their crying babies, mothers now contribute so much more to their children’s overall wellbeing. Thus, it’s not that Sweet Mother has lost its taste, it’s just that our mothers have gotten sweeter.

It is no coincidence that global development has come at a time of greater empowerment for women. Successful corporations, business ventures, public and private institutions are populated with mothers nursing their organisations to greatness. Our mothers are not just managing homes, they are handling the welfare of nations.

While there are real difficulties in merging increased societal involvement and devotion to family, mothers around the world are rising above the challenge. By tending us– their offspring, they make great people, and by tending our society they make greater nations.

As we celebrate them today, let us appreciate their contributions, support their efforts, and most importantly fight with and for them against the challenges that continue to limit them. How better to fight for our mothers than to always remember their sacrifices.

Download Song For Mama by Crisace and join us celebrate mothers around the world.

Happy Mothers’ Day

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