Stereophonics – Oochya! album (download)

Stereophonics – Oochya! album (download)

Stereophonics – Oochya! album (download)

Here is Stereophonics – Oochya! album (download). The new LP is the latest music effort by the indie rock music act and If it ain’t broke… keep serving up the punchy, crowd-thrilling rock.

This body of work is the 12th record by the rock group. Stereophonics, who also include bassist Richard Jones, guitarist Adam Zindani and drummer Jamie Morrison, have given us different styles of music over the years. And new album Oochya! — out today — shows their diverse range in full.

“It’s a very eclectic record,” says Jones on a video call from his West London studio. “I think it’s a bit like a mixtape. There’s a lot of different styles on there — a lot of rock ’n’ roll, some soulful stuff like Seen That Look Before, some darker stuff like All I Have Is You. But there’s an uplifting feeling throughout the whole record.

“It’s a real mix and shows a balance of what the band have done. It’s like a greatest hits but nobody’s heard the songs yet. It’s a bit like the Rolling Stones’ GRRR!”

01 – Hanging On Your Hinges [00:02:57]
02 – Forever [00:04:24]
03 – When You See It [00:04:21]
04 – Do Ya Feel My Love_ [00:03:57]
05 – Right Place Right Time [00:04:42]
06 – Close Enough To Drive Home [00:04:05]
07 – Leave The Light On [00:04:54]
08 – Running Round My Brain [00:03:30]
09 – Every Dog Has Its Day [00:04:48]
10 – You’re My Soul [00:05:22]
11 – All I Have Is You [00:05:45]
12 – Made A Mess Of Me [00:03:59]
13 – Seen That Look Before [00:04:23]
14 – Don’t Know What Ya Got [00:04:49]
15 – Jack In A Box [00:02:17]

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