Lil Pump – In Da Way (Download)

Lil Pump - In Da Way (Download)

Here is Lil Pump – In Da Way (download). The song released with streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music act.

The rapper has finally returned to the music scene with a single which also arrived with a music video. Pump just stays chill on this vibe while walking tbrough a grave yard. One would have thought this was for Halloween.

Lil Pump In Da Way Lyrics.

I had to Cartier my shades (I had to Cartier my shades)
I switch hoеs like Ace of Spades, yеah (I switch hoes like Ace of Spades, yeah), yeah
Come here and sit on my face (Come here and sit on my face)
Come on, let’s rage (Come on, let’s rage)
I just bought a brand new toolie (I just bought a brand new toolie, woo)
Yeah, she a groupie (Yeah, she a groupie)
Bad lil’ bitch actin’ unruly (Actin’ unruly), ten hoes in a jacuzzi (Ten hoes in a jacuzzi)
I don’t wanna pay no mind to these bitches, ’cause you is a waste of time
I’ve been pourin’ so much drank, I just hope that I don’t die (I just hope that I don’t die)

Them bitches stay off in your way (In your way)
They always got some shit to say (Some shit to say)
Want you so them hoes not to play with you, yeah
Tell them hoes go and find a date (Go and find a date, go and find a date)
‘Cause they get in the way (Woo), in the way
Them hoes be takin’ space
Don’t take the bait, they gon’ exaggerate
They wanna take your place, when they in your face
You don’t know what to say
Them bitches stay off in your way (Stay off in your way, stay off in your way)

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