Chelsea beat Manchester city in UCL final If these players don’t start

Chelsea beat Manchester city in UCL final If these players don't start

Chelsea beat Manchester City in the UCL final if certain players don’t play and a certain player takes the game to city.

Our scorline prediction for Manchester City V Chelsea is 1-2 considering that Chelsea have the UEFA Champions League final experience in the DNA of the club.

The only way Chelsea can beat Manchester city in the Uefa Champions league final this Saturday, May 29th is by sticking to all of the suggestions stated below.

After watching their last match against Aston Villa in which they lost, one could tell that from the first kick of the ball, that Thomas Tuchel’s players were lethargic. This is not the first time this has happened and the reason is because of the presence of some players on the pitch.

First is Azipelicueta. The man is past his prime. A confident player at right back when playing with a back-three but way way past his very best. I believe the Chelsea boardroom would be replacing him next season and is a player that SHOULD NOT play in the UCL final. With the kind of attack that Pep has especially the midfield dynamo of Kevin De Bryne and İlkay Gündoğan, Azipelicueta should not be in the starting lineup for Tuchel.

His presence kills the speed of attack as you would observe against Aston Villa this Saturday. You could clearly see Timo Werner start to make his usual runs behind the defence with no balls whipped in for the striker who is still lacking in confidence.

With his pace and movement in between defence lines of any team he has faced in the just concluded season, Werner needs full backs that can either choose to gamble, take on their man then whip a cross into the box. Or better still ball to feet for the striker. He needs that service and with Azipelicueta, he does not get that.

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Second player that should not start against Manchester City at the UEFA Champions League final is Matteo Kovacic. The midfielder has a knack for ball playing way too much instead of moving the attack and feeding the wingers like Ziyech and Hudson-Odoi to make pull outs into the box or square play with the striker in front of them.

Kovacic is a good player but against the midfield of Manchester City, will be useless to Chelsea’s Champions league hopes. Tuchel’s men need to keep up the tempo and feed the ball to their wide men where lies their most creative players.

Kovacic will struggle and it was also a reason he was substituted from the game against Aston villa. Chelsea needed nore industry from it’s creative players who are usually in the wider position. Watching the second half of the match was enough indicator as to why it is very possible for the Blues to bring home the trophy. One thing is clear, Kovacic cannot be a starter.

Third and final player is Kepa. It is a known fact that this goalie lacks the fighting spirit that the blues need so he would be on the list of players to not start on Saturday. It would be ridiculous for Thomas Tuchel to start him so he is another player that should not be on that field come Saturday. Unless there is an injury to Mendy.

In terms of formation, Tuchel has to opt for an attacking lineup. This is the Uefa Champions league final for Christ’s sake. There is no need to play safe here. Not when you are playing against Pep and his Premier league winning side that would go all put to win. This is their very first final. This will history for the Manchester club. That team is too good to leave holding onto 2/3 of ball possession. That being said, Chelsea and it’s coaching staff have to field a team with energy, experience and drive to win this game.

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For Chelsea beat Manchester City UCL final event to happen this should be the lineup for that game.

Goalkeeper – Mendy

Defenders – Rudiger, Silva, Zouma

Midfielders – Kante, Jorginho, Chilwell, James

Forwards, Mount, Werner, Pulisic

Key Player: “Mason Mount”

Why not Mason Mount? He is the key player for this game since he is Chelsea best reader of the game when on the pitch. This young English midfielder is the best in reading games and acting upon the information gathered. He has done this in games he has featured in. This is why he easily gets into games and turn up the drive for the team. With him in the team, Tuchel can be happy to have an impact player to deliver the assists and goals needed to wrap up the game.

Such a player like Mount does not need players slowing down the momentum of the team. Mason needa industry in the midfield and that’s where players like Kante, Pulisic and James come in. As along as these three are punching in the numbers and Werner making those runs, Chelsea do stand a wonderful chance in winning the game.

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